South Bend Clutch 550hp Dodge Rep Clutch Kit


13125-OR-HD 13" Clutch Repair / Replacement Kit (NO Flywheel)

425 HP 900 Torque

Flywheel Not Included

Does not fit Dodge (OEM) stock flywheel. This clutch repair / replacement kit replaces South Bend Clutch # 13125-OR-HD Clutch Kit only.

The South Bend Clutch HD Series clutch disc features a 13" double wide, high torque clutch facings with heavy duty 6 spring dampening system.

This clutch is designed for the moderately increased horsepower trucks, 425 hp 900 torque. offering a very smoth engagement with light pedal effort.

The perfect towing clutch.

The pressure plate comes straight from our street series, dual disc clutch, with the extra wide casting and heavy duty design.

NOTE: It's very important to Break-In your clutch with 500 miles of stop and go driving before you pull a load.
Your clutch will last longer if you avoid down-shifting whenever possible.  Down-shifting flexes the pressure plate, causing uneven wear.  Just remember, Use your breaks insteadthey're are alot less expensive to replace!


*Clutch Repair / Replacement Kit

*Alignment Tool


1988-1993 5 Speed Getrag
1994-2004 5 Speed NV4500
1999-2000.5 6 Speed NV5600 without High Output 235hp

Warranty: 1 year, 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, manufacturer defects only.