South Bend Clutch 1.375" Input Shaft Kit

Southbend Clutch

Input Shaft Kit

ISK.375 Upgraded 1.375 Input Shaft Kit.  

Upgrade the stock 1.250 input shaft.  For 1994-2004 Dodge with NV4500 trans.

Input Shaft Kit 1.375 is Cryogenically Treated for Superior Strength and Durability! Cryogenic Freezing creates an even distribution of molecules in the metal.  This new consistent grain structure distributes the flow of energy evenly throughout the entire object, eliminating stress points. With no weak points the metal is stronger and more durable than ever before.

These Input Shaft upgrades are built from hardened steel to be heavy-duty. Upgrade your stock input shaft with South Bend Clutch manual transmission input shaft kits. 

To Replace the Stock OEM 1 1/4 Input Shaft with strength and heavy duty performance.