Volant Closed Box Air Intake w/ DryTech 3D Filter 17-18 Ford F-150 Raptor/Expedition EcoBoost


Volant Performance Closed Box Air Intake System With No Oil DryTech 3D Synthetic Air Filter. Volant air intake systems are designed to improve engine efficiency and increase power output for a better driving experience.

Each Volant intake utilizes a high-velocity venturi filter adapter which provides a smooth transition into the intake tube for a much needed airflow improvement over the factory rubber tubing and resonator box.

Volant's Cool Air box is larger than the factory unit and incorporates a larger opening to collect a higher volume of colder ambient air increasing Horsepower and Torque.

This model includes a low-maintenance Synthetic DryTech 3D filter which does not require re-oiling and allows for up to 50,000 miles between maintenance intervals.

  • Dyno tested to increase air flow and improve
  • Horsepower and Torque
  • Dyno tested to increase air flow and improve Horsepower and Torque
  • Improved engine efficiency and overall fuel economy Bolt-On Power, Installs in under an hour
  • Enhances engine sound and overall exhaust note
  • Tinted Acrylic Easy Access Lid
  • Low-Maintenance, Washable, Non-Oiled
  • Free-Flowing Synthetic Dry Air Filter
  • Features 2-Ply High
  • Temperatures Silicone Connectors
  • Increased Air Flow
  • Filter Type:Dry
  • Washable:Yes
  • Filter PN: 5160

17-18 Ford F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L V6 Turbo
17-18 Ford F-150 Raptor EcoBoost 3.5L V6 Turbo
17-18 Ford Expedition EcoBoost 3.5L V6 Turbo