South Bend Clutch 13" Single Disc Kit Dodge Cummins 88-03 5-Speed & 99-00.5 6-Speed w/o HO Engine 400HP & 800TQ

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Southbend Clutch

Single Disc Kit

South Bend Clutch 13 inch Conversion Clutch with Flywheel 13125-OK

This South Bend Clutch Converts stock 12 1/4" flywheel to larger 13-1.25" flywheel and 400 horsepower heavy duty performance clutch assembly. Complete Clutch Replacement Kit, comes with everything you need to do the job, including Throw Out Bearing, and Stock Needle Pilot Bearing, and alignment tool. *88-93 Getrag trans must re-use stock crank bolts*

This Dyna Max kit features a performance organic lining on a marcelled fin. The pressure plate is modified for higher plate load and smoothness of engagement. This clutch was designed to cure premature disk failure due to high horse power and heavy hauling in the 5 speed and early 6 speed NON-High Output 12 1/4" clutches. We have taken the 13" High Output clutch and modified it to accept the 1 1/4" input shaft. By doing this, it enabled us to offer a disk center that is 2-3 times larger and stronger then can be provided in the 12 1/4" clutch kits. This kit comes with a flywheel, re-drilled and refaced to accept the larger clutch and is rated to handle up to 400 horsepower & 800 ft. lbs. of torque.

NOTE: It's very important to Break-In your clutch with 500 miles of stop and go driving before you pull a load.
Your clutch will last longer if you avoid down-shifting whenever possible. Down-shifting flexes the pressure plate, causing uneven wear. Just remember, Use your breaks insteadthey're are alot less expensive to replace!

Warranty: 1 year, 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, manufacturer defects only.


  • 13125-OK Organic Disc Clutch
  • 167890-5 Flywheel
  • Alignment Tool


  • 1988-1993 5 Speed Getrag
  • 1994-2004 5 Speed NV4500
  • 1999-2000.5 6 Speed NV5600 235HP Dodge Non-HO without High Output
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