MBRP 5" XP Series Muffler, 24" Body 31" Overall, T409



MBRP mufflers are designed to enhance the sound of your engine while keeping the overall noise in check. The spiral louvered core design helps to accelerate exhaust gas flow for maximum performance. The high density packed core helps take the edge off without muffling the sound too much. The MBRP mufflers are universal fit so you will need to measure your current exhaust before purchasing.

MBRP high flow performance diesel mufflers are now available as individual components. Get the best sounding muffler on the street today. Each muffler boasts a fully welded construction and is designed to take all of the abuse you can throw at it.

  • 5" Single Inlet/ Single Outlet,
  • 24" Body Length, 31" Overall Length
  • Fits all pickup models
  • Spiral louver design accelerates gas flow
  • Long lasting core
  • High density packing ensures long life
  • Featuring that classic MBRP sound
  • Lifetime warranty on 409 Stainless Steel


MBRP Warranty and Terms

Installer Series: Three (3) Years warranty on Aluminized Steel
XP Series: Lifetime warranty on 409 Stainless Steel
PLM Series: Limited One (1) Year warranty
Pro Series: Lifetime warranty on 304 Stainless Steel
Black Series: One (1) Year warranty on the coating and a three (3) Years Warranty on the exhaust components
Performance Series: Two (2) Years warranty on Aluminized Steel


Sports Series: 1 Year Warranty
Performance Series: 1 Year Warranty
Trail Series: 2 Year Warranty
Race Series: 2 Year Warranty

Warranty Information:

The MBRP Inc. warranty applies only to defects in material & workmanship of MBRP Inc. products to the original purchaser on record, providing that installation was completed on the original vehicle for which it was designed and tested for. MBRP Inc. will not warranty the cost of removal or re-installation of this product nor does the warranty apply if the product has been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse or misapplication. The sole obligation of MBRP Inc. will be to repair or replace at its discretion.

Part Type:
Exhaust Components