Injen Technology Performance Axle Back Exhaust System for 2021-2022 Ford Bronco L4-2.3L Turbo/2021-2022 Ford Bronco V6-2.7L Twin Turbo


The all-new Ford Bronco has taken the world by storm. Even with the increased performance and outstanding off-road capabilities found on your new Bronco, you find yourself still looking for more. Look no further because the Injen Technology engineers are experts when it comes to performance, PERIOD. They have already designed the best cold air intakes on the market for the Ford Bronco and they’ve followed that up with this beautiful high tuck, dual outlet, axle back exhaust system.

This new SES9300AB high tuck axle back exhaust system for the Ford Bronco sits high and inside the chassis for increased approach and decent angles during those extreme off road adventures. You no longer have to worry about smashing your exhaust system or ripping the exhaust tip off or smashing your OE muffler!

Being able to have increased clearance is nice, but let’s face it, we all buy exhaust systems to improve the sound of our vehicle and Injen Technology doesn’t disappoint! The Injen Technology engineers designed a custom dual muffler system that would provide great sound with the both the L4-2.7 Turbo and also the V6-2.7L Twin Turbo, which is no easy feat. The SES9300AB exhaust system is also made from mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel and not the lesser quality 409 Stainless like our competition uses. This provides you with an exhaust that not only looks great, but will last you a lifetime.

Plain and simple, NUMBERS talk! Injen has a strong legacy of designing and thoroughly testing every product we develop and the SES9300AB clearly benefits from our dedication to performance. Our engineers put in countless hours of testing to prove that we have developed the safest, highest performing exhaust system on the market. With a proven X additional horsepower and X Lbs-Ft. of torque, Injen is proud to say that the SES9300AB exhaust system is the very best high tuck exhaust for your Ford Bronco that money can buy!

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Exhaust Systems