Edge 2004-2008 F-150 EVO PROGRAMMER

$377.95 $340.16

Edge Evolution Tuner - 04-08 Ford F150 5.4L and 4.6L - 15051

  • Comes with 2 power gain programs to help you with towing or breaking personal records on the track
  • Monitors exhaust gas temperature to let you know to take it easy on the accelerator specially when towing on steep climbs
  • Displays 4 parameter IDs saving you the hassle of purchasing and installing additional gauges on your dashboard
  • Improves fuel efficiency to help you save for other important upgrades like air intake systems
  • Provides firmer transmission to help prolong your truck’s transmission life

Install the Edge Evolution tuner on your Ford F150 and say hello to your new truck! This upgrade will make you feel that you’ve just got a bigger motor at the fraction of the cost, and that is just the level 2 tuning. Are your oversized tires making your truck feel weak and sluggish? Install this power programmer from Edge Products and it will perform as good as it looks. Your truck is guaranteed to be more fun to drive and have better mileage the moment you finished configuring this on your truck. And with the additional savings you’ll get from better mileage and prolonged engine life and transmission life, the Edge Evolution 15051 tuner practically pays for itself.

The Edge Evolution 15051 is a multi-purpose tuner and monitor. The tuner is made to increase both your F150’s horsepower and torque with a few button presses. The monitor, on the other hand, displays key engine information like RPM, speed, and EGT to keep you updated with what is happening with your engine at all times.

What makes the Edge Evolution different is that it offers the same and even better features than the nearest competitor without the budget-breaking cost. This is also the first product in the market that monitors your truck’s exhaust gas temperature. All of these advantages are made possible by Edge Product’s more than 2 decades of experience creating performance aftermarket electronics.

You can use the Edge Evolution 15051 power programmer pretty much anywhere from the road, race track, and down to your garage. For daily driving and towing, the economy and tow power program would be the perfect setting. For enjoying your weekend at the track, the high-performance program should give you that exhilarating ride worth your day off. When tweaking or fixing your engine, the diagnostic program should help you find out what’s wrong with your engine.


  • Fits 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 with 5.4L and 4.6L engines
  • Tow power level gains: 14 horsepower and 30 foot-pounds torque
  • High-Performance power level gains: 35 horsepower and 50 foot-pounds torque
  • Shows 4 vehicle parameters at a time
  • Monitors and records 13 parameter IDs including exhaust gas temperature, boost pressure, and battery voltage
  • Alerts when a parameter threshold is exceeded
  • Views diagnostic trouble codes
  • Records quarter-mile and 0-60 times

Emissions Information

50-state legal (C.A.R.B. No.:: D-541-3)

Warranty Information

The Edge Products 15002 Evolution tuner comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty. Please visit the Edge Products Terms of Use page to learn more about their warranty policies.

Installation Information

Edge Evolution 15051 Tuner Installation Manual

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Chips and Tuners