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Edge Evolution Tuner - 03-04 Ford F250-F350 6.0L - 15002

  • Preset tuning and adjustable power levels allow you to go faster, haul bigger, or travel longer with just a few presses of buttons
  • Displays your exhaust gas temperature (EGT) to help you keep your engine running at safe temperatures and prolong engine life
  • Monitors critical engine data and parameters to remove the guesswork when diagnosing trouble codes
  • Includes custom designed dash pod to keep your the stock and clean look of your dashboard

Better mileage, improved power and turbo response, and noticeable improvement in shifting - these are just a few things the owners of the Edge Evolution tuner are saying after they installed it on their Ford Super Duty trucks. Installing this on your truck won’t only let you experience the joy of having additional horsepower and torque, but also help keep your engine from overheating with its EGT monitoring function. This exhaust gas temperature monitoring feature is very helpful in keeping your engine running at safe temperatures specially when you are towing uphill.

The Edge Products 15002 Evolution is both a tuner and a monitoring tool in one. Its main function is to override your truck’s factory computer settings to improve its performance. It comes with 

three adjustable pre-set programs that would allow you to achieve better fuel economy for city driving, improved power and torque for towing, and even higher power and torque for just the pure bliss of going faster. Its other function is to provide you with engine diagnostic information so that you can determine what is wrong with your vehicle and fix it without having to go to a dealership for expensive diagnostic scanning. This product can also alert you if any of the parameters you are monitoring goes above a certain threshold.

What sets Edge Evolution tuners apart from other tuners are the numbers, you can easily add up 100 hp and 200 ft/lbs of torque when you install this on your truck. Its Extreme performance program can easily tune your Ford 250 or Ford 350 Superduty for that weekend trip on the dragstrip. Additionally, apart from the fantastic power gains, the ability to easily control your performance settings and display critical engine information is not something easily found in other products.

The Edge Evolution tuner for Ford F250 and 350 Super Duty trucks can be used in different ways to improve your driving experience and meet your demands. The economy program can be used on your daily drive so save on fuel, that alone translates to dollars in savings that start from day one. If you need to have a weekend getaway with your family and your boat, the towing program should help you climb hills with ease. Set it to Extreme performance if you want to let loose on the quarter-mile or just get to your destination really fast. Even if you are not using the pre-set programs, you can take full advantage of its monitoring and diagnostic program to help you troubleshoot any engine issues - no more guessing that’s that check engine light is all about! 


  • Fits 2003 - 2004 Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty with 6.0L Power Stroke engines
  • Economy setting power gains: 15 hp and 55 lb-ft torque
  • Towing setting power gains: 60 hp and 110 lb-ft torque
  • Extreme setting power gains: 100 hp and 200 lb-ft torque
  • Monitors the following PIDs: engine RPM, speed, boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature, engine oil temperature, transmission fluid temperature, intake air temperature, barometric pressure, battery voltage, and diagnostic trouble code count
  • Includes dash pod and EGT probe

Emissions Information

  • 50-state legal (C.A.R.B. No.:: D-541-18)

Warranty Information

The Edge Products 15002 Evolution tuner is covered with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. Click this link to the Edge Products Warranty Information page to learn more.

Installation Information

Edge Evolution 15002 Tuner Installation Manual

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Chips and Tuners