Carli Suspension Ford 4.5" Coilover 2.5 Kit

Carli Suspension Ford 4.5" Coilover 2.5 Kit

2011-13 F250/F350 CS-FORDCOS-11 2008-10 F250/F350 CS-FORDCOS-08 2005-07 F250/F350 CS-FORDCOS-05
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Carli Suspension Ford 4.5" Coilover 2.5 Kit


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Ford Coilover

YearModelPart No.Price
2011-13 FORD F250 / F350 4x4 CS-FORDCOS-11 $5,235*
2008-10 FORD F250 / F350 4x4 CS-FORDCOS-08 $5,000*
2005-07 FORD F250 / F350 4x4 CS-FORDCOS-05 $5,000*

- Extreme Climate Upgrade: 17-4 Machined Stainless Steel Shaft Upgrade Available: $200

* F250s WILL REQUIRE the factory F350 (non-dually) rear block to obtain a level stance. These are available at your local Ford dealer. No blocks will be required to maintain a level stance if Full Progressive Spring Pack Upgrade is purchased.

*Rear Driveshaft must be checked for 1 piece or 2 piece units. It is recommended that 2 piece driveshafts order a carrier bearing drop, PN# CS-CARRIERDROP-F, $35


Ford Super Duty 2.5 Coil Over Suspension System

This suspension system will be the last system you will buy for your Ford truck. This is not a "lift kit"`. It is a true suspension system. Our Ford Suspension system brings dramatic improvements to the every day street ride, and plenty of dampening for the off road enthusiast. At the heart of our Super Duty Coil Over Suspension System lies a KING shock package which delivers impeccable performance and reliability. This system gives 4.5" of lift with 10 inches of wheel travel in the front and 12 inches of wheel travel in the rear. As with all of our systems, we came up with a vehicle specific valving profile for this suspension system to ensure superior ride quality, handling, and performance. There is a full spring pack option as well as a front bypass shock option. The bypass mount is already built into the coil over mount, so the bypass can be added at any time.



  • 4.5 Inches of Lift on the Front
  • 2.5 Inches of Lift on the Rear
  • Vehicle is "Leveled" from Stock Setup



  • Superior Ride Quality
  • Very Controlled Off Road
  • Increased Cornering Capability
  • Reducing and/or Eliminating Body Roll
  • Tighter street feel Driving Characteristics, Increased Suspension Response
  • Steering geometry is all within OEM specs, no additional components are necessary
  • Towing/hauling capacity is the same as OEM, no reduction of capability


  • 10 Inches of Front Wheel Travel and 12 Inches of Rear Wheel Travel



  • KING 2.5"x10" Custom Front Coil Over Shocks
  • KING 2.5"x12" Custom Rear Shocks
  • Coil Over Mounting Kit
  • Radius Arm Drop Bracket Kit with Dimple Die Cross Member
  • Sway Bar End Links
  • Adjustable Track Bar
  • 6 Leaf Progressive Add-A-Pack
  • Front Bump Stop Drops
  • Extended Braided Brake lines