BD Diesel 6.7L Power Stroke Screamer Stage 1 Retrofit Turbo Kit Ford 2011-2016


Say goodbye to the problematic and small GT32 Single Sequential Turbocharger (SST) on the early model Ford 6.7L Powerstrokes by replacing it with BD's complete Screamer Stage 1 Retrofit Turbo solution. Utilizing modern turbo technology, the Screamer Stage 1 delivers up to 66lb/min of increased airflow without compromising on low end response and everything you require is included to drop right in place of the old unit, no extra pieces needed. The Screamer Stage 1 Retrofit turbo will require tuner such as the Edge Insight to ensure no faults codes are set. For trucks wanting to push past 500hp, we recommend the Screamer Stage 2 Retrofit kit (1045825).


  • Replace the petite GT32 turbo on the 2011-2014 Ford 6.7L
  • Solve the common Ford Single Sequential Turbocharger (SST) failure Replaced with larger GT37 model
  • Fix the turbo problem once and for all
  • 61mm single sided compressor wheel
  • Mixed flow turbine (MFT) wheel with 62mm exducer
  • Up to 66lb/min of airflow
  • VSR high speed balanced
  • Kit includes a BD custom cast turbine housing, backing plate, compressor cover and pedestal
  • Quick install time
  • Everything included, no extra pieces required
  • Screamer Stage 2 Retrofit kit recommended above 500hp

  • 5 Hours 6 Minutes

  • 12-Months

  • Not for sale on licensed California vehicles
  • Tuner with emissions compliant engine calibration required