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Are you in the market for a truck bed liner that’s both tough enough to withstand harsh conditions and gentle enough to protect your cargo? BedRug is the way to go.

BedRug truck bed liners may look like carpet upon first glance, but they’re not. Rather, they’re 100% made of recyclable polypropylene composite. In other words, incredibly rugged plastic. BedRug takes all the important factors into consideration when developing and building their truck bed liners: quality, durability, sustainability, and versatility.

  • Quality: BedRug put a lot of thought into designing their truck bed liners. All BedRug liners come with water-resistant impact absorbing close cell foam and a skid-resistant plastic fiber surface.
  • Durability: All BedRug liners are backed with a lifetime warranty. They’re built to serve your truck for a long time.
  • Sustainability: Recycling is important to the BedRug team. Not only do they make their liners fully recyclable, but they also recycle all unused polypropylene materials into an array of consumer goods.
  • Versatility: BedRug truck bed liners are built to accommodate any kind of cargo: tools, motorcycles, wood chips, and more. They’re so durable that they can withstand any type of weather, too.

BedRug is a ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified company located just outside of Nashville in in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Check out our catalog below to see how you can treat your truck to BedRug truck bed liners!

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