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One of the most difficult aspects of unleashing your performance truck’s power is choosing the right cooling system that will get the job done. You need a cooling system that will not only meet but also exceed the demands of your performance truck. When you’re concerned about quality, durability, and reliability, Mishimoto Automotive is the brand you need.

Described as a world leader in aftermarket performance cooling products, Mishimoto was founded in 2003 to provide performance and daily drivers superior cooling system upgrades.

Today, Mishimoto operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in New Castle, Delaware, where they innovate, design, develop, build, and test all of their products before releasing them to the public.

Why Buy Mishimoto?

At Performance Truck Products, we have full confidence in the Mishimoto brand for many different reasons, the biggest ones being:

  • Compatible Design: Mishimoto’s engineers put a lot of thought into the design of their radiators, intercoolers, air intakes, fan shrouds, and other products. As a result, all of Mishimoto’s products can easily fit OEM parts and perform optimally.
  • Quality: Not only does Mishimoto use quality materials, but they also put all of their products through a rigorous quality testing process before releasing them to the public.
  • Warranty: All Mishimoto products are covered by a lifetime warranty policy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Browse our Mishimoto catalog below to see which cooling solutions we have available for your performance truck.

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