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Help your truck reach its full potential with a TITAN fuel tank. It will outperform your OEM fuel tank in a number of ways. TITAN builds their fuel tanks to remain sturdy even after being exposed to a lot of abuse and extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Upgrading to a TITAN fuel tank comes with many benefits. All TITAN fuel tanks are lightweight and seamless. They come in one piece to ensure everlasting durability. They’re all made of a space-age material called High-Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLHDPE), which is as durable and sturdy as they come.


TITAN was founded in 2003 to give diesel truck owners a solution to one of their most common problems: weak OEM gas tanks that can’t withstand rugged driving conditions or provide enough fuel to take them as far as they wanted. Today, TITAN is one of the largest aftermarket fuel tank manufacturers. They employ dedicated engineers, technicians, and craftsmen to design and build bulletproof fuel tanks at their headquarters in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Choosing TITAN as Your Brand of Choice

When you choose TITAN, you choose the finest fuel tank and accessories available for your performance truck. Take a look at our TITAN catalog below to see how you can give your performance truck the fuel tank and accessories it deserves.

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