AFE AIS Dynamic Air Scoop, Dodge Diesel Trucks

$193.70 $134.10

AFE Air Scoop

The innovative design of the Dynamic Air Scoop (D.A.S.) provides increased fresh air for increased performance and throttle response. This scoop draws increased air from below the front bumper and has a huge 18? intake area.

Large Intake Inlet: A huge 18"" inlet provides a cooler, fresher, denser air intake charge for maximum performance and throttle response.

Hassle-Free Installation: All necessary hardware is included for an easy, hassle-free installation.

Durable Construction: The durable rotomold plastic inlet is used for maximum durability. Built in supports on the inlet scoop are used to maintain structural integrity of the scoop.

Note: This Dynamic Air Scoop is designed to work with aFe Stage 2 Sealed intake number 51-82032, 54-82032 and 75-82032."