UnderCover Classic 1995.5-2004 Toyota Tacoma 6ft Short Bed Std/Ext Black Textured

Undercover Parts


The Undercover Classic tonneau cover is stronger and lighter than fiberglass, features a textured surface and classic lines that form a tight fit around the bed when locked to protect valuable cargo from weather and theft.

Weighing in at only 58 lbs, the UnderCover is the lightest hard-shell tonneau in the industry.

Not only the lightest hard-shell tonneau but unparalled strength and durability.

Quick release hardware and lightweight material make the UnderCover a breeze to remove when you need the cover off. Easy to re-install when you need the cover back on.

Our ABS composite material and advanced technology ensure you get the highest level of quality and the best fitting cover available.

Undercover Tonneau Covers set the standard for truck bed covers. Every Undercover Tonneau Cover is made from a specially developed ABS composite that is stronger, lighter and more affordable than any other hardshell tonneau cover on the market. Undercover Tonneau Covers are designed for a quick no-drill installation and can easily be removed and stored in minutes. Undercover Tonneau Covers weigh in at 58 lbs for most models but can support many times that weight with their patented "x-effect" reinforced design.

With an Undercover Tonneau Cover installed, wind turbulence in the truck bed in eliminated, so drag is greatly reduced resulting in a 12-14 percent gain in fuel efficiency. This means that an Undercover Tonneau Cover will literally pay for itself over time!

Undercover now offers three models to choose from: The Undercover Classic is the original Undercover Tonneau and its tight custom fit will compliment the look of any truck while keeping cargo safe and secure, The Undercover SE has a sleek aerodynamic style with sporty ribs and a subtle spoiler in the rear, and the new Undercover SE Smooth has all the great features of the Undercover SE like its single point, over the tailgate twist lock and its sport styling, but instead of the Undercover SE's textured surface, the Undercover SE Smooth has a smooth surface that is ready to paint to perfectly match the factory body color of any vehicle!

Don't forget to pick up an Undercover SwingCase for easy and convenient storage that doesn't sacrifice bed space and is always within reach. Undercover Tonneau Covers are the finest hardshell tonneau covers available and the only hardshell tonneau to seriously consider if style, cost, ease of installation and removal, strength and a lifetime of rugged durability are a factor! Undercover Tonneau Covers...Simply the best hardshell tonneau cover available anywhere, get the Undercover Tonneau Cover today!

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Bed Covers