Edge Evolution Tuner - 05-07 Ford F250-F350 Super Duty 6.0L - 15003

  • Increases horsepower and torque so that you can adjust the performance of your truck to almost any driving conditions whether you're city driving, towing, or on the track
  • Improves mileage so that you can save on gas and put that money elsewhere like that new shiny new bull bar that you’ve been eyeing
  • Displays your trucks exhaust gas temperature (EGT) to let you know to ease on the accelerator when driving and help prolong your engine life
  • Reads check engine trouble codes to help you diagnose what’s wrong with your engine without having the need to go to the repair shop or dealership
  • Displays multiple parameters IDs such as engine RPM, boost pressure, etc. so that you are always aware of what is going on with your engine

The Edge Evolution 15003 power programmer has been highly recommended by many Ford F250 and F350 owners and for good reasons. It’s level 2 setting adds not just adds much needed power when towing but also improves transmission pressure and slip resistance as well. It’s level 3 settings can let your truck do burnouts even when sporting duallies. At level 4 setting,you’ll see and feel what others described as intense and unbelievable power that you didn’t know your 6.0L Power Stroke engine had. The increase in power and torque are not just the only things that Ford Super Duty owners love about this tuner. Its monitor function is well received as well, not just because it can monitor EGT but up to 4 parameters on the screen as well.

As a tuner, the Edge Evolution 15003’s main purpose is to primarily improve the horsepower and torque of your 2005-2007 Ford F250 or F350’s 6.0L Power Stroke engine by overing the default settings of its computer. In its lowest setting, its purpose is to improve shift feel and optimize fuel economy. On its extreme setting its purpose is to add power and exhilaration on the quarter-mile or on the track. As a monitor, it allows you to monitor almost every aspect of your engine performance including trouble codes.

What makes the Evolution 15003 unique is that it is built with a company with more than 20 years of making performance electronics for diesel engines. Additionally, this tuner specifically built with tuning the performance of  your 2005-2007 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine in mind. Unlike other tuners out there, the Edge Evolution is also a tuner, a diagnostic tool, and a performance testing tool in one - and the best part is, all of these features are displayed and controlled in a single monitor for a clutter free dashboard.

You can use the Edge Products Evolution 15003 tuner and monitor from city streets, hills, highway, down to your garage. Driving around town or dropping off your kids at school? Choose the economy setting for better fuel economy. Driving with your camper or boat? Choose the tow setting for that extra power needed on climbs. Driving on the track? Choose the extreme setting so smoke your quarter-mile record. Fixing your truck’s engine in the garage? Use its diagnostic scanning feature to find out what’s wrong with your engine. Whatever it is that you are trying to do with your Ford truck, the Edge Evolution tuner and monitor got you covered.


  • Fits 2005 - 2007 Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty with 6.0L Power Stroke engines
  • Economy performance program power gains: 15 hp and 55 lb-ft torque
  • Towing performance program power gains: 60 hp and 110 lb-ft torque
  • Extreme performance program power gains: 100 hp and 200 lb-ft torque
  • Displays the following temperature-related parameter IDs: exhaust gas temperature (EGT), engine coolant temperature (ECT), engine oil temperature (EOT), transmission fluid temperature (TFT), and intake air temperature (IAT),
  • Displays the following engine-related parameter IDs: engine speed (RPM), vehicle speed (MPH), and engine load (LOAD)
  • Displays the following pressure-related parameter IDs: boost pressure (BST) and barometric pressure (BARO)
  • Displays the following diagnostic-related parameter IDs: battery voltage (BAT), diagnostic trouble code count (DTC), and Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration (DPF)
  • Comes with dash pod and exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensor

Emissions Information

50-state legal (C.A.R.B. No.: D-541-13)

Warranty Information

The Evolution15003 tuner comes with a limited 1-year warranty from Edge Products starting from the date of sale. Please visit their Terms of Use page for the complete warranty information.

Installation Information

Edge Evolution 15003 Tuner Installation Manual

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Chips and Tuners