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Performance Truck Products - DPF Race Tuners

DPF Race - DPF Race Tuners
This selection of DPF race tuners helps you boost, cool, and monitor your diesel powerplant on the fly. If you’re pursuing racing perfection, these diesel performance parts help you leave the competition behind. Get rid of the stock speed limiter and put your right foot down. Most tuners are compatible with Internet-based, customizable tunes and updates. Many work with aftermarket truck parts without popping up trouble codes. Browse our catalog for complete systems that include exhaust pipes, plug-and-drive setups, and digital heads-up displays. Enjoy the racetrack. At Performance Truck Products we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and fast, free shipping. Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss fuel mileage as related to DPF race tuners. Thanks for your understanding. Check out our tuner selection below.