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A performance exhaust system is typically the first, and also the most popular, modification people do to their vehicles. Performance exhaust kits will allow your car or truck to breathe much better by getting rid of some of the restrictions found in factory exhaust systems. A performance exhaust kit will also allow you to hear the engine much better over the factory restrictive exhaust by increasing the pipe diameter and utilizing a high flow muffler. Some kits are offered without a muffler if you like it as loud as it can possibly be. Performance exhaust kits are offered in many different configurations including turbo back, down-pipe back, cat-back, and DPF back depending an your specific application. There are also different pipe diameters available depending on your vehicle. Some exhaust kits are available in a couple different materials like aluminized steel (most cost efficient) and stainless steel (most durable). Most stainless steel kits come with a lifetime warranty so if you plan on keeping your car or truck a while, the extra cost is definitely worth it.

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