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PERFORMANCE - Cold Air Intakes & Accessories
A cold air intake kit is a crucial part of your engines performance. Opening up the stock air intake with an aftermarket cold air intake kit will not only improve your engines power, but also give you better fuel mileage. A cold air intake kit is very easy to install with simple hand tools, typically in under 30 minutes time. The factory intake kits are typically very restrictive which is why replacing them is one of the first things we recommend doing. The cold air intake kits have larger air boxes, larger piping, smoother bends, and typically get their air from the best area available to ensure they get the coldest air possible. The colder and denser the air, the more power and mileage you will see. A complete cold air intake kit is your best bet, but if you are on a budget, a drop in air filter will also help. Pair a cold air intake with an exhaust kit and your engine will not only breathe a sigh of relief, but also show you what it can do!