How Popular Is A 2018 Diesel Ram Manual Transmission?

12th Mar 2018

The answer? Not very popular.

According to data and our research, only about 2% of 2018 2500 and 3500 diesel Ram trucks come with a manual transmission.

Manual IG

That's right - 98% of the new 2018 diesel Ram trucks are built with an automatic transmission, which surprises us. While we obviously expected automatic transmissions to dominate, we did not expect to see so few manuals. This makes us think Ram won't continue to offer a manual transmission for much longer. Why would they?

For the 2% of you committed to the manual transmission, you're a special breed. Hopefully, you're not a dying breed as we here at Performance Truck Parts can appreciate the art and science of driving a stick shift. We'd be sad to see it go.

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