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Also known as Smarty Performance King, MADS Smarty has been designing, manufacturing and enhancing state-of-the-art ECU programmers for performance truck enthusiasts interested in boosting power and performance. They specialize in Dodge Cummins engines and they utilize over 40 years of combined experience to ensure the best quality and most cutting-edge technology possible in all of their ECU programmers.

Why Buy MADS Smarty?

We have full confidence in the MADS Smarty brand because:

  • They do all the researching, developing, and engineering in house.
  • They don’t use outsourced materials or components at all.
  • They test every single product individually before sending it out.

At Performance Truck Products, we stock only the best aftermarket brands. MADS Smarty exceeds our expectations with their state-of-the-art ECU programmers. Below, you will find MADS Smarty ECU programmers for Dodge Cummins engines dating back to 1998.

Our customer service specialists are Dodge Cummins experts who are immensely familiar with the MADS Smarty brand, and they are dedicated to helping you find the right MADS Smarty programmer for your Dodge performance truck. Please call or email us if you need assistance.

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