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Established in November 1988, Dynatrac is a reputable aftermarket axle and brake system manufacturer. Their axle assemblies, axleshaft kits, free-spin kits, ball joints, and brake systems are of unparalleled quality.

A major player in the aftermarket performance parts industry, Dynatrac strives to roll out new, innovative products that are ahead of their time. In 2002, they brought to the market the first high-clearance off-road axle.

All Dynatrac products

  • Are made of raw materials sourced in the U.S.
  • Are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.
  • Go through 117 different inspections before being shipped out
  • Are covered by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

One of Dynatrac’s main focuses is the ball joints. They set out to fix a common problem with factory ball joints: premature wear. That issue is unacceptable on a performance level, but a lot of performance truck owners had no choice but to live with it. Dynatrac solved this problem by creating stronger, more durable ball joints that can be rebuilt without using any special tools.

At Performance Truck Products, we’re proud to carry Dynatrac heavy duty ball joints for 1994-2012 Dodge 2500/3500 trucks at a competitive price.

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