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Do you have a diesel truck with a DPF you’d like to delete? DPF-R offers fully reversible DPF delete kits and components for performance diesel trucks. We chose to carry this brand because they uphold quality in everything they do, ranging from developing to manufacturing. They take extra steps to ensure that all of their DPF-R delete kits and components are reliable and versatile enough to accommodate any driving style.

Maximizing Fuel Efficiency With a DPF-R Delete Programmer

Extensive testing has shown that using a DPF-R delete programmer on your diesel truck will give you an additional 100 miles per tank of fuel. That’s an average of 2-3 MPG more than the mileage you’d get with a standard DPF delete programmer.

Adding More Horsepower With a DPF-R Delete Programmer

Not only does using a DPF-R delete programmer save you fuel, but you’ll also experience more power coming from your engine. It’s shown that, on average, using it will give your engine about 70 more horsepower. Rest assured that the DPF-R delete programmer is designed to leave the shift point alone so you don’t have to worry about experiencing transmission failure from improper tuning.

About DPF-R’s Parent Company

The DPF-R brand is owned and managed by Gear Box Z, a performance auto parts manufacturer and retailer located in Colorado City, Arizona.

IMPORTANT: All DPF-R delete programmers and kits are designed for off-road use. It is illegal to drive with a deleted DPF on any public roadway.

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