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Unlike many other aftermarket performance solutions, Pacbrake brake kits, suspension components, filters, and more are built to last. It’s because Pacbrake has been around since 1961. They also employ highly-trained engineers, implement strict CNT manufacturing processes, and use an ISO 9001:2008 quality system to manufacture their aftermarket performance parts.

With offices in Blaine, Washington, and Surrey, British Columbia, Pacbrake’s primary mission is to provide top-notch towing and hauling solutions to performance truck enthusiasts everywhere. The key to improving your truck’s towing and hauling power is to upgrade your brakes, suspension system, filters, and other parts to accommodate the extra strain on your truck.

Many performance truck enthusiasts consider Pacbrake a reputable and trusted brand because of their solid history in aftermarket performance technology. They patented the PRXB exhaust brake, and they have had some of their engine brake parts win awards. Aside from performance vehicles, you can find Pacbrake parts on military vehicles, buses, and motor coaches all around the world.

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