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Banks Power

Banks Power nearly everything you need to upgrade your performance truck into the beast it’s meant to be. Banks Power is a well-known and respected brand that regularly builds groundbreaking innovations in high-performance gas and diesel engine development.

Every part developed and built by Banks Power:

  • Is all done in-house without any outsourced components
  • Is built to precise measurements
  • Undergoes a rigorous testing process that ensures engine airflow improvement, a reduction in exhaust back pressure, re-shapement of the fuel curve, and/or optimized performance

Some of Banks Power’s most popular parts include ram-air intake systems, air filters, manifolds, tuners and programmers, and exhausts.

Located in Azusa, California, Banks Power was founded by performance car enthusiast Gale Banks in 1958. Today, the manufacturing and engineering facility lies on 12 acres of land and houses over 100 employees. The highly regarded performance parts brand not only produces quality parts, but also has many technological achievements under their belt. It’s a brand you can trust and rely on.

Let Performance Truck Products be your #1 spot for all things Banks Power. You won't be disappointed!

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