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An upgraded exhaust system is necessary once you start pushing your performance truck past the factory power levels. We highly recommend the Diamond Eye brand.

Diamond Eye exhaust kits and components are popular in the gas and diesel performance truck market due to their functionality, practicality, and durability. Diamond Eye offers engine-specific kits and components for Chevrolet/GM Duramax, Dodge Cummins, and Ford Powerstroke engines, as well as Toyota and Nissan diesel motors. There are kits available for gas motors, too.

One of Diamond Eye’s most popular systems is the DPF Race exhaust system that allows performance truck owners to delete their DPF. The 4” and 5” straight piped kits are a couple other crowd favorites.

Why Diamond Eye is the Brand of Choice for Many

When it comes to exhaust systems, quality is everything. Diamond Eye ensures that their exhaust systems outperform all the others on the market by making them as sturdy and durable as possible. They do this by using CNC mandrel bending machines and utilizing extensive fabrication parameters. Their materials of choice are stainless steel and aluminized steel.

About Diamond Eye

Diamond Eye is located in the eastern Oregon town of Athena. They have a 23-acre complex housing manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and a state-of-the-art research and development center.

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