DiabloSport Trinity Programmer

DiabloSport Trinity Programmer

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Trinity Programmer

The Trinity is one of the most advanced devices of its kind, featuring full Re-flash/Reprogram capability, Advanced Data Acquisition, and Customizable Gauges-- all displayed and controlled on a color touch screen and housed in a slim, custom-styled, easy to use device.

As DiabloSport’s flagship device, it is the only single handheld device on the market that comes PRELOADED with tunes for gasoline and diesel vehicles from Ford, GM, and Dodge, all under one part number! This powerful and versatile platform means a Trinity that was purchased for one vehicle can be updated to have all the available adjustment and tuning capability of a brand new one (only one vehicle can be tuned at a time). In addition to the extensive tuning support, it’s loaded with other features like the programmable shift lights, gauge display, virtual drag strip, and data logging. Combine all this with full support for custom tuning in gasoline, and it could be the last tuner you’ll ever need for your vehicle!

Product Features:
  • OBD-II Performance Programmer
  • Performance Monitor
  • Diagnostic Code Reader
  • Virtual Drag Strip
  • Customizable LED Shift Light/ Warning Alarms
  • Includes Suction Cup Dash Mount

Other Features:
  • Full Color Touch Screen Interface
  • Customizable Real Time Gauge Monitor (45 Gauges At Once!)
  • One part number for all supported vehicle applications
  • Scan and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Free automatic online updates with included USB Cable
  • Allows for the installation of additional custom tunes
  • Hundreds of adjustable vehicle parameters
  • Warranty safe-no watermarks, fingerprints or counters
  • 30 Minutes of OBD-II Data Logging
  • Can be used on multiple vehicles (one vehicle at a time)

Performance Tuning and Programming via OBD-II

Add horsepower and torque to your car or truck using DiabloSport’s dyno tested performance tunes! These tunes are pre-loaded in to each Trinity unit specifically to increase your power, economy, and drivability. The tunes work great whether on a stock vehicle, or even mildly modified (like a cat back exhaust and cold air intake). DiabloSport takes the guess work out tuning making safe and reliable horsepower on your ride!

DiabloSport always saves a copy of the vehicle’s factory data in its memory in case it needs to be serviced at the dealership at some point in the future. That means you always have a copy of your vehicle data on your tuner and once it’s restored it leaves no footprints or watermarks in the vehicle’s computer, so it’s not detectable!

Diesel Tune Options

Diesel trucks have massive horsepower and torque potential that can be unlocked just by programming the vehicle's PCM or Powertrain Control Module. Your truck may have tunes for any of the following, or more!

Towing: This setting is generally a gain of 40-60 HP and an average of 100 Ft/Lbs of torque (depending on application) and is for use when towing heavy loads near the applications factory towing capacity. This setting is designed to increase drivability while towing, net extra economy when cruising at highway speeds, and is helpful when driving through mountains while towing.

Economy: adds between 60-100 HP and 180-200 Ft/Lbs of Torque, economy gains average in the 2-3 MPG range (On the Highway)! This setting is not designed for heavy towing- limits are in the range of 6,000-8,000 pounds depending on your vehicle's stock towing capacity. DiabloSport highly recommends the use of an aftermarket cold air intake and exhaust (4 inch diameter at the down pipe).

Extreme: This tune adds anywhere from 100- 185 horsepower and 220+ Ft/Lbs of torque and is specifically for peeling out down the strip! DiabloSport recommends only using the extreme tuning options if you have an exhaust and cold air intake due to a possible increase in EGT.

Adjustable Tuning Options/Parameters Diesel
  • Calibrate Speedometer for Gear Size/Tire Size*
  • Remove Top Speed Limiter
  • Duramax: Adjust Fuel Pressure
  • Duramax: Adjust Injection Timing
  • *Parameters May Depend on Vehicle Make
Gas Tune options

DiabloSport performance tuning with 93 octane can yield anywhere between 15-40 horsepower (measured at the wheels) and about the same in Ft/Lbs of torque (Some applications gain more or less, depending on engine size and platform). DiabloSport’s tunes modify spark and fuel tables, throttle response, and shifting along with other important engine parameters that increase performance and economy. DiabloSport’s tunes can also be user customized to take aftermarket bolt-ons in to account! Here is a list of the tunes that are generally available on the Trinity:

  • 93 Octane “Diablo” Tune- 15-40 HP*: This tune is designed to get gas vehicles their maximum HP/TQ and Drivability Gains. It should increase fuel mileage by about 1 MPG as well!

  • 91 Octane Performance Tune 13-35 HP*: This setting is designed as a “premium” gas setting in states where 91 octane is the maximum available. This tune increase Power and Torque!

  • 87 Octane Performance Tune 12-30 HP*: This DiabloSport tune is designed to get your ride the maximum performance and economy available on every day pump gas. While this tune may not make as much power as the premium tunes, it still does wonders for the drivability of your vehicle.

  • MPG Booster Tune- add 2-3 MPG Economy*: The MPG booster tune is available in late model Dodge and GM applications that feature “AFM” or Active Fuel Management. This feature is not designed to add horsepower, but puts supported vehicles in to eco mode earlier, and takes them out later for big increases in highway MPG.

  • Factory HP Tune: This is the factory vehicle setting but it allows for modified parameters like calibrating the vehicle’s speedometer for aftermarket gears and tire sizes, or removing a top speed limiter.

Adjustable Tuning Options/Parameters (Gas)
  • Spark Advance (Multiple RPM bands)
  • Calibrate Speedometer for Gear Size/Tire Size
  • Fuel Tables/WOT fuel(Multiple RPM bands)
  • Cooling Fans
  • Idle RPM
  • Mass Air Table
  • Remove Rev Limits/Speed Limits
  • Shift Points RPM/MPH
  • Shift Pressure
  • More depending on your vehicle type!

Custom Tuning

Unlike other tuners on the market, the Trinity can be custom tuned for any setup you can imagine for your car or truck! Whether you’ve got a factory stock every day driver or a supercharged street car, DiabloSport has you covered. Trinity users can get custom calibrated tunes from DiabloSport’s nationwide network of CMR Dealers. As you grow the mods on your ride, the Trinity can be re-calibrated to get the most power available out of your build!

Performance Monitor Functions

The Trinity, in addition to its other OBD-II Features, allows users to monitor all of their important factory sensors. This is critical when your car is at the track, or your truck is towing a heavy load. Trinity’s Monitor mode will monitor sensors like Boost, Fuel Pressure, Injector Pulse Width and balance rates, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temp, Trans Temp, Vehicle Load, Water Temp, Intake Air Temp, and many more!

More gauge options include The LED lights on the side of the Trinity that can also be programmed as a shift-light on a manual transmissions, or warning lights for the sensors that reach certain values! Gauges come pre-loaded in the tuner, or can be user customized to the preferred gauge style and configuration. Trinity’s gauges have optional backgrounds, hundreds of sensors available to monitor, and they can be recorded for up to 5 hours. When you have a Trinity, you’ll NEVER need to buy another gauge for your car or truck!

Racing Mode- Virtual Drag Strip

Count Down to Performance with the Drag strip on the Trinity! The tuner can be used as a performance testing device and its “Racing” menu will allow users to check how their tune is going to perform at the track! The Drag Strip function shows users 0-60, 0-100, 1/8th Mile Time, and ¼ Mile Time. The Drag Strip function also tracks your reaction time, total distance traveled.

Diagnostic Code Reader

Trinity can be used as a diagnostic code reader. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year reading/clearing your own computer codes rather than paying a dealer to do the same. It’s as easy as a few simple steps, and the code reader displays the trouble code number, and a full text description of the code!

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