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  1. Catalytic Converter Delete Pipe (1)
  2. Exhaust System Kit (3)
  3. Muffler Delete Tube (3)
  4. Exhaust Pipe (28)


Founded in 1981, FLO~PRO Performance Exhaust has been manufacturing and distributing only the most durable quality muffler and exhaust systems for your vehicle. FLO~PRO has proven it beats the competition with louvered pipe that accelerates the exhaust flow through our mufflers. FLO~PRO performance mufflers are designed to boost the horsepower generated from your street vehicle. The 100% aluminized steel welded construction will outlast conventional locked-seam, double wrap mufflers. The louvers also give a deep performance sound without the use of fiberglass that would eventually blow out! We also specialize in Diesel Performance carrying full systems for virtually every diesel truck.