Banks AutoMind Flash Programmer

Banks AutoMind Flash Programmer

2011-12 Ford 6.7L Diesel *Please note: Not for use with cab-and-chassis vehicles or vehicles that were built for use in Mexico
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Banks Power

Banks Power AutoMind Flash Programmer


Diesel Programming


  • Gain up to +157 hp and +180 lb-ft (at the rear wheels)
  • Up to 5 power levels (including Fuel Economy)
  • Adjust or remove engine rev and/or top speed limiters
  • Adjust shift points and/or firmness
  • Banks iQ Flash controls AutoMind

(2011-12 only) If you’re looking for the secret to lasting longer and going farther, you’ve come to the right place. Our reputation is built on delivering impressive numbers for the street, track and trailer, but now we have expanded our reach with the Banks AutoMind fuel economy programmer.

Squeezing every last bit of energy out of a gallon of fuel for improved mileage is just as much of a science as making big horsepower gains. By tuning your vehicle’s fuel injection, ignition and transmission shift characteristics, the Banks AutoMind can deliver up to a 20-percent improvement in fuel economy. That’s money you can put in the bank instead of the tank!

IMPORTANT NOTES: This product must be used with the Banks iQ part number 61201.
This product not intended for use on vehicles that originated as cab-and-chassis vehicles or that were built for use in Mexico. Use of the Banks AutoMind will result in improper running and a partially disabled vehicle.
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Computer Chip Programmer
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AutoMind Flash Programmer
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